From Soil to Form
A still life photo essay documenting ceramic traditions around the world.
Creative direction: Oak Park Studio
Photography: Beth Wilkinson
Art direction and styling: Marsha Golemac
Published in Lindsay Issue No. 1

In order of sequence:
Vanuatu, terracotta cooking and serving bowl, artist unknown, era unknown, 11.5cm H x 13.5cm D
Italy, Bertoncello Ceramic D’Arte, circa 1960, 17.5cm H x 32.5cm W x 10.5cm D
North America, Laguna Pueblo Native American pot, Lee Ann Cheromiah, 21st century, 16.2cm H x 16.5cm D
Gabon, Punu-Lumbo mask, artist unknown, early 20th century, 27cm H x 15cm W x 15cm D
Uzbekistan, Arabic calligraphy bowles, Abdulvahid Bukhoriy, 2012, 7.6cm H x 15.7cm D
Japan, Shino mizusashi (water pot), Matsuyama Abe, 16th century, 20cm H x 19cm D

Luca Guadagnino
Photographed for Lindsay
Melbourne, 2017